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Crane construction as expertise

  • Experienced and first-class partners 

    Let us suppose you require a special crane which also needs to be delivered quickly, has to operate for 2 to 3 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any unpleasant surprises and, after that, you would no longer require the crane. Did you know that you have found the perfect company?

    Our cranes are beautiful, reliable and they work well. Since 1958, we have been constructing fantastic solutions for shipyards, concrete factories and (civil engineering) projects, at which large loads have to be lifted and relocated.

    We do everything ourselves
    Gantry cranes, overhead cranes, special cranes… we construct them in all lifting capacities and dimensions and transom systems are our speciality. The crane, the valves, the control system, the power supply and the rails: we supply everything ourselves and once the project is complete, we buy the crane back from you.

    Multifunctional solutions
    Except for cranes which simply lift and relocate loads, we also construct cranes on which you can hang vibrating needles, with which you can clean formwork, or whatever else. We do not restrict ourselves to hoisting hooks. Sometimes we combine three or four machines. We listen attentively and we then provide a solution. Everything is possible.

    High level of difficulty
    If you have a difficult project for which you believe you may need a crane, please contact us. We enjoy projects with a challenging level of difficulty.

    First-class partners
    We design the crane, we make the calculations, we procure the parts, we deliver the crane and install it on-site. In respect of the construction, we work intensively with respectable partners.

    Our two main Dutch partners are: De Kok Staalbouw in Heerle and Elektrotechnisch Installatiebedrijf ETW in Breda. Together we form a tight-knit team. We are so attuned to one another and work so effectively together, that, however large they are, we are able to deliver all cranes astonishingly quickly.

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  • Van Haagen crane construction specialists 

    Do you have unwieldly loads which need to be unloaded or relocated?
    Do you require a technical solution for a complicated transport situation?

    We would be more than happy to help you to think through the options and to come up with a tailored solution.

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