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    At Van Haagen Kraanbouw we develop customised gantry cranes, but we also have a large range of pre-used cranes on offer. In our second-hand range, you will find gantry cranes in a diverse selection of designs, lifting capacities and dimensions. The right gantry crane to match your requirements is bound to be available in our second-hand range.

    Despite the fact that these gantry cranes are pre-used, this does not mean that their quality is impaired.

    Before being sold, all of our second-hand cranes are subjected to various intensive tests and are, of course, only sold if they satisfy the highest quality standards.

    This means that we can be sure that we only supply top-quality products to our customers.
  • Komb. Middelplaat Westerschelde


    Project:Komb. Middelplaat Westerschelde
    Type:Gantry crane
    UseTunnel construction
    Lifting ability:2 x 20 ton
    Span:55 m
  • Gantry crane - Komb. Middelplaat Westerschelde - Westerschelde
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    View our second-hand cranes. We may already have built the gantry crane that you need. We can adapt second-hand cranes to suit your needs, which will save investment costs.


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    Do you have unwieldly loads which need to be unloaded or relocated?
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    We would be more than happy to help you to think through the options and to come up with a tailored solution.

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